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New Axis ATR 72-600 simulator ready for training



AXIS Flight Training Systems, the independent flight simulator manufacturer, is announcing its latest ATR simulator for Aviation Academy Austria (AAA) is ready for training, after the successful completion of its EASA FSTD qualification.

To produce the innovative training device, AXIS has used Bosch-Rexroth’s eMotion14000 platform, a highly efficient system which reduces energy consumption and device wear. For maximum realism in the cockpit, the ATR 72-600 simulator features a Thales Integrated Modular Avionics suite, the same avionics used on board live ATR aircraft, as well as an RSi XT5 visual system.

The simulator is the launch device for AXIS’ new Instructor Operating System (IOS). Equipped with two horizontal 20” 16:9 full HD touchscreen displays, the new IOS streamlines navigation through the software, making intuitive training environments easy to create and alter. AXIS’ icing malfunction emulation, industry-leading in terms of the accurate, gradual icing of wing leading edges, is also included as standard.

New Axis ATR 72-600 simulator ready for training

Dr Christian Theuermann, CEO of AXIS Flight Training Systems in Austria, says: ““While this is the third ATR simulator we have manufactured, we are especially excited to unveil this new addition, which is the first EASA-qualified ATR 72-600 full flight simulator for Aviation Academy Austria. The new simulator has been engineered for best performance, maximum uptime and a very long lifespan, so more of AAA’s students can earn their wings.”

Thomas Herrele, CEO of AAA, adds: “To fill this gap in our training suite we turned once again to AXIS, as they consistently provide reliable, technologically advanced simulators supported by industry-leading customer service.

“ATR aircraft are increasingly popular amongst regional airlines in Europe, and our new ATR 72-600 simulator will help fulfil the rising demand for qualified ATR pilots. Especially as our device is one of two in Europe which features LPV (localizer performance with vertical guidance) capability, allowing training for the highest-precision GPS instrument approach procedures. We are delighted to be able to extend this necessary training to our students.”

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 2nd August 2018 | Issue #474





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