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August posts more summer growth


There were 83,230 business aviation departures in Europe during August, according to WINGX`s monthly Business Aviation Monitor published this week.

Whilst the figure is 8% down on July’s peak, it has been the busiest August in the last decade - up by 2.4% compared to Aug-17. The growth came mainly from Business Jets, representing 65% of all activity, and up by 4% YOY.

The busiest market, France, was down by 3% YOY and Spain showed a sizeable 4% decline. Offsetting growth came from Italy, up 4%; UK up 6%; and flights from Germany up by 9%. YTD-18, all top six markets were up compared to 2017, France by least, Germany by most.

Among the smaller markets, there was double digit YOY growth in Netherlands, Portugal, Finland, and a 75% increase in business aviation flights from Montenegro. YTD, Turkey has the strongest rebound this year, flights up by 10% vs the first 8 months of last year.

August YOY Trend

Business aviation fell back by 3% in top market France during August, although it is still up by 0.6% YTD. Most of the month's gains came from Germany, UK and Italy.

Business aviation demand in France continued to decline for Large Jets, and Spain saw a 12% retreat in YOY flights in this Segment. The UK added the largest number of additional Large Jet flights this month. In Small and Midsize activity, Germany was up by 11%.

Domestic European flights were up 2.5% during August, in line with YTD trend of 3%, but with considerable regional variance, intra-France flights down by 6%, but flights from France to UK, Italy and Germany up respectively by 6%, 9% and 12%.

Germany and Netherlands both had >10% growth in Charter/AOC activity this month, and only Spain, France and Sweden saw declines in commercial flights in Aug-18. Private flights were up by most in UK and Germany, falling almost 20% in Russia.



Two business jet segments stood out, with Super Midsize activity up by 22% YOY, and Very Light Jet sectors falling by 15%. There were 2,400 Citation Latitude departures, up by 35%, in contrast, 6% fewer Phenom 100 and 20% fewer Mustang sectors.

Weakest long-term trends are in Midsize business jets, flights down by 8% in L12M. Last 12-month trends for the Light Jet segment are up 9%. Short Light Jet sectors were up 11% this month. Band D (11-15t) aircraft Charters were up 15% this month.


Nice was the busiest airport this month, although activity fell 4.6% YOY. Activity at Luton, Ibiza and Athens was down by close to 10%. Strong growth this month at Farnborough, Biggin Hill, also at Munich, Bodrum and Ataturk airports.

Richard Koe, Managing Director of WINGX Advance, comments: “August showed a continuation of the now-familiar pattern for European business aviation activity: growing demand for Charter flights but flat trend in Private activity; surge in Super Midsize jet activity, reflecting the increasing entry of Citation Latitude jets; strong growth in Light Jet activity, particularly Phenom 300; strong growth at business aviation specialist airports, like Farnborough and Biggin Hill. There are also some signs of weaker activity, notably a big slowdown in Very Light Jets, and less activity at larger airports like Luton, Ciampino and Munich.”

WINGX Advance is a data research and consulting company based in Hamburg, Germany. WINGX analysis provides actionable market intelligence for the business aviation industry. WINGX services include: Market Intelligence Briefings, Customised Research, Strategic Consulting, Market Surveys. WINGX customers range from aircraft operators, OEMs, airlines, maintenance providers, airports, fixed base operators, fuel providers, regulators, legal advisors, leasing companies, banks, investors and private jet users.



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