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AviationManuals releases Metrics/SPI Module for ARC

Identifies high-risk metrics, safety performance indicators and trending data in real time; enabling flight departments to make adjustments to help reduce operational risks



AviationManuals has announced the general release of its new Metrics module for the ARC SMS platform.

The new module makes it easy for operators to analyze information they are collecting helping to identify potential risks and if necessary make changes to operational procedures. Operators can see both high-level and detailed data via the various Metrics dashboards providing them with information about overall trends.

AviationManuals releases Metrics/SPI Module for ARC

“With the industry embracing safety performance indicators, operators need an effective tool to help analyze metrics,” said AviationManuals CEO Mark Baier. “This module provides ARC subscribers with live data, so they can quickly assess their activity and potentially make changes to future operations. Maintenance directors, schedulers and dispatchers, as well as department managers can all benefit from this tool.”

The module offers:

The Metrics module is currently available for ARC online, with planned integration into the ARC iPad App shortly.

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 11th October 2018 | Issue #482





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