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Advent Aircraft Systems granted STC for King Air B300/B300C reduced take-off field length



Advent Aircraft Systems has received FAA approval of a revision to the Aircraft Flight Manual for King Air B300/B300C aircraft equipped with the Advent eABS.

The STC effort was supported by Textron Aviation, who provided the King Air 350i, flight crew and flight test support under contract with Advent.

The revision offers up to 7% reduction in Take-Off Field Length (TOFL) at typical higher, hotter and/or heavier conditions due to improvements in accelerate-stop performance, with up to 10% available at more extreme conditions. This reduction can equate to use of shorter runways for departure or departing with additional fuel or payload from currently-used runways. The STC also offers a modest reduction in landing distance (up to 4%), again at higher, hotter and/or heavier conditions. Though modest, this reduction in landing distance under Part 135 regulations could be the difference in the ability to use a 5000-foot runway, or not.

King Air B300

“This is an important STC for the eABS,” said Advent Vice President - Programs Don Taylor. “While the primary benefit of eABS for the King Air is overall runway safety and reduced costs, this STC now offers B300 operators additional range/payload and airport options, increasing the usefulness of their aircraft”.

The AFM Supplement will be an option for new or current operators of B300/B300C King Airs equipped with eABS. The Supplement may be ordered from Textron Aviation service centers, Advent-authorized dealers or Advent Aircraft Systems.

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 8th November 2018 | Issue #486





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