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Avinode makes online charter sales easy with improved web apps



Business aviation technology leader Avinode is launching two upgraded web apps to further improve the company’s online service for buying and selling charter flights.

The breakthrough new web apps make searching for flights and empty legs even easier than before, benefiting not just operators and brokers but - critically - their customers too.

Per Marthinsson


Per Marthinsson, Founder and EVP, Avinode Americas, says: “We’ve improved our ‘Full Search’ and our ‘Empty Leg Search’ web apps. The upgrades mean buying and selling air charter online is now simpler and quicker than ever before. If you’re an operator or broker, and you want more leads, these products are perfect for you.”

Operators and brokers can add the ‘Full Search’ application to their websites, with or without the ‘Empty Leg Search’ option, offering their customers an air charter search portal powered by Avinode.

Marthinsson continues: “Both apps can easily be customized by brokers and operators, whose clients will use our technology and comprehensive data to search for flights and empty legs but only see the branding of the broker or operator in question. Setting everything up is incredibly quick and easy. You basically just decide where you want the application to appear on your website.

“We’re helping our clients take even more control of their operations and generate even more leads. Operators and brokers can allow their existing customers, and critically their potential new customers, to search for and request charter flights and empty legs from anywhere in the world at any time. In the increasingly personalized travel industry, ensuring customers find the best fit for their private air charter needs has never been more important or, with these web apps, easier. Such a user-friendly process means operators and brokers will soon start attracting leads they would otherwise never have found.”

Monitoring the activity on the web apps - a capability only available in the new, upgraded versions - will help users review and revise their marketing strategies accordingly, maximizing the conversion of website visitors to customers.

Companies can also set up the ‘Empty Leg Search’ to allow their clients to look only for empty legs within their own fleet or to search for empty legs across the entire Avinode system.

“These new web apps yet again demonstrate how Avinode is equipping businesses in the industry to succeed,” concludes Marthinsson. “We have the needs of the business aviation community in mind and want to lead the way to a more digitized and therefore better-connected industry.”

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 13th December 2018 | Issue #490





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