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AviationManuals closes 2018 with 35% revenue growth

Ipad App users increased by an average of 48% per week



Washington, DC-based AviationManuals, the world’s leading provider of aircraft manual development services and flight operations Safety Management System (SMS) software for business aviation, closed 2018 with a 35% increase in revenues.

The company enjoyed a 25% increase in its popular International Operations and Procedures update service, with recipients now exceeding 1,400. It also saw a 25% subscription increase for its ARC SMS digital platform to nearly 6,000 active users, as more operators discover this easy to use, affordable, and modular SMS software solution.

Manual development was also in high demand in 2018. Manuals seeing the biggest surge in 2018 included Emergency Response Plans (ERPs) (a 130% increase) and Minimum Equipment Lists (MELs) (a 57% increase).

Surge in Digital Offerings

Increasingly known for its convenient online SMS products, AviationManuals implemented numerous operator requested functionalities and modules to improve the way business aviation flight departments, aircraft management companies and independent owners and operators track and enhance their safety standards.

In late spring, AviationManuals released the ARC iPad App encompassing risk assessments, forms and document hosting, and subsequently saw its app users increase by an average of 48% per week throughout the year. The app simplifies the SMS process by allowing users to initiate, and manage risk assessments and forms, as well as manage their documents while offline.

The ARC SMS platform also added:

“Affordable, easy to use solutions are what the industry tells us it needs when it comes to safety enhancements,” said AviationManuals CEO Mark Baier. “We are thus constantly developing new, easy to implement manuals and digital SMS platforms to help fixed and rotary wing operators, drone operators, technicians, and FBOs improve the way they operate.”

To meet the company’s 2018 increase in business, AviationManuals experienced a 30% growth in new hires, a record since the company’s founding.

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