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SEA Prime counts down to opening of Malpensa Prime



SEA Prime has started the countdown to the opening of the new Business and General Aviation Terminal at Milan Malpensa airport, scheduled for July 2019. SEA Prime is part of the SEA Group, managing both Milano Linate and Milano Malpensa Airports.

The new Milan Malpensa Prime Terminal stands in a dedicated area of the airport between Terminals 1 & 2 and enjoys its own 50,000 m2 apron, together with a 5,000 m2 hangar. Five lounges welcome passengers and crew, with customised ultra-luxury services, such as a conference centre, limousine service and concierge.

SEA Prime counts down to opening of Malpensa Prime

“Malpensa Prime completes the accessibility for Business & General Aviation passengers and operators not only to the city of Milan but also to Lombardy, several areas of Piedmont, the south of Switzerland and numerous other locations that can be reached from Malpensa: the lakes, the ski resorts, a total of 18 UNESCO sites,” commented SEA Prime CEO, Chiara Dorigotti.

“In our vision, Malpensa Prime is a complementary service to the one offered by Milano Prime in Linate; the latter, in fact, benefits from its nearness to the heart of the city, from which it is only 7 km, whilst, with Malpensa Prime, we can also serve passengers reaching Milan Malpensa with first and business class services.”

SEA Prime counts down to opening of Malpensa Prime

Malpensa Prime opens in time for the closure of Linate airport which is undergoing runway and terminal refurbishment from 27 July to 27 October, thus providing a convenient alternative for SEA Prime clients.

SEA Prime closed 2018 with approximately 26,000 movements; EUR 11.4 million revenue; EUR 5.1 million EBITDA; and EUR 2.5 million net profits, up 7.8% on 2017.

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Milano Prime


BlueSky Business Aviation News | 30th May 2019 | Issue #512



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