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Sustainability, innovation and a new generation of professionals take center stage at EBACE



Organizers wrapped a highly successful 2019 edition of the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition on Thursday (23rd May), pointing to the many ways the show highlighted the innovation and investment driving the future of business aviation.

“The excitement and enthusiasm surrounding this year’s show has been palpable throughout the week,” said EBAA Secretary General Athar Husain Khan. “EBACE2019 was characterized by new products, new business models, new investment opportunities and a new generation of aviation professionals determined to make their mark.”

“Business aviation continues changing right before our eyes, and here at EBACE, we have seen and touched the industry’s future,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. “We’re finishing EBACE inspired by a vision of sustainable flight, urban air mobility and other game-changing innovations.”

Khan and Bolen pointed to a host of EBACE “firsts” and other elements that showcased the value of the event, and business aviation, as never before:

“EBACE2019 provided a clear look at the future of business aviation, making the show more important than ever,” said Bolen. “We’re eager to come together next year and see the next stage in all these advancements.”

Additional EBACE TV clips, together with highlights from show and photo galleries are available here

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 30th May 2019 | Issue #512



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