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United Kingdom

XJet makes it X-tra special

Luxury FBO operator intros enhanced services at its London Stansted Airport Diamond Hangar home



XJet, the luxury FBO operator at London Stansted Airport, continues to revolutionise the private aviation industry with its vision of what a truly world-class FBO can provide for its clientele with the roll out of its new ‘tailored branding’ service.

The company has introduced an immersive experience at its London Stansted FBO which can be tailored to a client’s specific requirements (ideal for car launches; financial road shows; music and sports tours). From tickets to boarding passes to luggage tags and inside its executive lounges, operators and charter brokers can opt to have their brand’s logo, corporate colours and décor featured as and where they choose. Boarding passes and tickets are also now available in electronic form, in line with XJet’s commitment to sustainability.

“The system allows us to carry out direct electronic online filing of GAR’s; all flight handling paperwork; load sheets; branded boarding passes and luggage tags, plus a few additional options,” noted XJet General Manager Paul Forster, architect of the new solution.

XJet can update the appropriate charter broker of their flight’s status via automated text messages including ‘passengers have been screened’; ‘passengers boarded’; ‘doors closed’ and ‘aircraft airborne’ – taking out or cutting down telephone calls or emails.

Fine art showcasing new talent

Inside its lounges, XJet showcases a steady stream of beautiful and individual items of art and sculptures from talented, emerging artists from all over the world. As its reputation builds, a number of other prestige brands will be showing at the XJet facility, further enhancing the customer experience as they travel through the FBO.

“In response to demand from customers, our team has worked hard to create, develop and build the concept so that clientele can distinguish themselves from their competitors and build facilities and private conference rooms for its VVIP clientele.”

Carly Swetman, Deputy General Manager XJet and Paul Forster, General Manager XJet

Carly Swetman, Deputy General Manager XJet and Paul Forster, General Manager XJet.

The Gallery

Arguably the first Private Jet Terminal to install a permanent Fine Art Gallery, XJet at London Stansted Airport, is pleased to offer a balanced selection of Fine Art on display, suitably priced to match the tastes and expectations of their high net worth passengers.

With abstract works by Simon Kenny, whose most notable collector was the late Prof Stephen Hawking, to an official portrait of Her Majesty the Queen painted by Royal Portrait Artist Nicky Phillips. (Her recent work of HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry now hangs in the Victoria and Albert Museum.)

Private jet passengers flying out of the XJet FBO can also enjoy the unique and sensitive contemporary sculptures on display, some of which have been crafted by the much sought after designer and artist Patrick Donlan.

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 20th June 2019 | Issue #515



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