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Gama Aviation Signature announces Windsor Jet charter alliance



Aircraft management and charter company, Gama Aviation Signature, has announced a strategic alliance with Fort Lauderdale, FL-headquartered Windsor Jet Management, a business jet charter company with worldwide operations specializing in the heavy jet market.

This new relationship will expand Gama Aviation’s capabilities in the heavy jet segment providing another competitive advantage for rapid growth and expansion.

Gama Aviation Signature will further extend its charter scope into the heavy jet market with the
utilization of Windsor Jet’s fleet. Additionally, under Gama’s direction, Windsor Jet will be
positioned to deliver safe, efficient, and exemplary charter services to it is customers around the globe, while taking an integrating approach leveraging the sales and operating capabilities to provide the highest level of customer service and safety.

Tom Connelly, President and CEO of Gama Aviation Signature, commented, “This charter alliance is very exciting for both organizations. Combining Gama’s quality control standards and level of service with Windsor’s heavy-jet fleet will further enhance our success in delivering the bespoke concierge service all of our clients expect and deserve. We anticipate the Windsor aircraft to be in high demand generally, as well as materially contributing to Gama Aviation Signature’s expanding international and coast-to-coast charter operations.”

“We are thrilled to have access to Gama’s resources, expertise and infrastructure for our firstclass charter services that will ultimately benefit our prestigious clientele," said Windsor Jet CEO Ignacio Martinez. "This alliance will enable Windsor to deliver a higher level of service and mutually benefit from new synergies. We're proud to be part of this winning team."

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 27th June 2019 | Issue #516


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