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Drum Cussac and Osprey Flight Solutions team up for first-of its-kind aviation risk and security partnership



Market-leading travel risk and security technology provider, Drum Cussac, has joined forces with aviation intelligence and data-led risk management experts Osprey Flight Solutions to deliver a market-first aviation risk and security solution.

This product offers a unique partnership which gives the aviation industry a single solution for world-class aviation-specific intelligence, and 20 years’ experience in security, travel risk management and duty of care.

Drum Cussac and Osprey recognised a genuine gap in the market which led them to create this unique partnership enabling the following:


Craig Sweet, CEO at Drum Cussac believes, "When it comes to aviation risk intelligence, quite simply there is no one better than Osprey. Their mantra of building pioneering risk technology to increase speed and accuracy of risk intelligence matches perfectly to our own beliefs - ultimately giving clients the tools they need to keep their staff, crew and assets safe and secure."

Andrew Nicholson, CEO of Osprey said: “Drum Cussac’s investment in technology has ensured that their travel risk platform is by far the best in the industry. Leveraging this technology and the partnership as a whole allows us to maintain our specialist focus, being the very best at our core business, with the knowledge that alongside us, Drum’s market leading status allows us both to deliver a better service to our clients. This enables a quantum shift in the risk management support available to the industry.”

Already this unique partnership has attracted considerable commercial attention with the likes of Virgin Atlantic coming onboard. Nigel Williams, Head of Security at Virgin Atlantic, already recognises its value:

“I now have a hassle-free and seamless process to receive crucial aviation risk intelligence, security advice and response should I need it. This improves efficiency in the smooth running of operations and supports our top priority; the safety of our staff, crew, passengers and aircraft. Osprey and Drum Cussac's partnership is a huge benefit for Virgin Atlantic; having two of the market leaders offer an integrated service is a big step forward for the industry both in delivery and customer engagement."

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 12th September 2019 | Issue #524


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