New training program for 'Top Dogs'

Sit ‘n Stay Global has developed an innovative training program according to the company’s ‘Top Dog’, Carol Martin.

The program, based on its proprietary Pet Safety Protocols, allows flight crew members to acquire the skills necessary to enhance the safety and security of any pet aboard a private aircraft.

“We found, after several inquiries from corporate jet owners, that there was a real need to understand how to make sure any pets on board were properly secured in the event of an emergency,” Martin said. “Our Pet Safety Protocols were originally formulated through considerable experience and extensive research into different in-flight situations. The training program was a product of that research. We then enlisted the aid of a national celebrity ‘SpokesDog,’ Surf Dog Ricochet, to demonstrate our techniques,” Martin added.

The training program shows Ricochet in various scenarios, such as turbulence, ditching and evacuation. Crews are shown how to prepare for an emergency, how to minimize the risks and manage the safety of all on board, and finally how to insure a successful outcome.

Martin explained, “Like any part of our jobs, preparation makes all the difference. If you’ve gone through the training, you can be ready to respond to an in-flight emergency with more confidence and the knowledge to keep our furry passengers safer.”

With operational bases in South Carolina and Colorado, Sit ‘n Stay Global is nationally recognized for its unique pet-sitting and concierge services for private jet travelers. Carol Martin and her associate, Kay Magruder, are both highly experienced private flight attendants who have managed to combine their passion for flying with their love for animals.

“It was incomprehensible to me that we have been putting these family members on planes for years and simply hoping for the best, “says Carol, “which is why we developed our safety protocols for pets that parallel the safety standards for humans.

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 27th January 2011 | Issue #110
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