Associated Air Center completes first BBJ Split Scimitar Winglets installation

Associated Air Center (AAC) has completed the company’s first installation of Aviation Partners Boeing Split Scimitar Winglets for a U.S.-based BBJ customer.

The installation was completed after a scheduled yearly inspection at AAC’s Dallas Love Field facility.

The project included a wing trailing edge wedge installation and an outboard wing ballast installation. The winglets were modified at Aviation Partners Boeing facility in Wichita, Kansas. Subsequently, AAC reinstalled the winglets on the BBJ with the new ventral strake, completing the split scimitar design.

The installation is the first of several proposed winglet installations that AAC will be offering to their BBJ customers.

“The Split Scimitar Winglet modification will help our customer reduce fuel burn and associated carbon dioxide emissions while increasing overall aircraft payload capability and improving performance at both take off and cruise altitudes,” said James Colleary, President of AAC.

AAC’s production team completed the work under budget and on time for the customer’s aircraft redelivery schedule. In addition, annual inspection also included several Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives.

Associated Air Center is a recognized leader in cabin completions and refurbishments for Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Supporting its reputation for excellence in quality and distinction is the company’s MRO division which provide on time delivery performance and consistency in customer satisfaction.

BlueSky Business Aviation News | 15th December 2016 | Issue #396