Baker Aviation receives worldwide operations specifications and '10 or more' passenger approval

Baker Aviation, a full-service charter, aircraft management, and maintenance company, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, has received its worldwide operations specifications and '10 or more' passenger approval from the FAA for their Part 135 Air Carrier Operation.

As part of the approval process, Baker Aviation participated in a 'proving run' with FAA International Inspectors, using the company's Falcon 50EX to cross the North Atlantic in September 2016. These specifications now allow Baker Aviation to conduct flight operations around the globe.

The '10 or more' approval was granted when their Embraer Legacy 600 was added to their Part 135 certificate.

Baker Aviation’s leadership team developed their General Maintenance Manual (GMM), which is a comprehensive manual that includes procedures for maintenance, inspection, quality assurance, recordkeeping, training, airworthiness releases, the Continuing Analysis and Surveillance (CASS) program, and other additional authorization requirements. The procedures are standardized and applicable to all aircraft in Baker’s fleet, in addition to the planes with 10 or more passenger seats.

“Our managed fleet has been growing in the Heavy Jet category, and we continually receive requests to fly more than 10 passengers,” said W. Stanley 'Stan' Baker III, President of Baker Aviation Charter. “Worldwide operations and the ability to seat more passengers became a necessity to best serve our charter clients.”

BlueSky Business Aviation News | 9th February 2017 | Issue #403