Bell Helicopter Training Academy opens in Valencia

Bell Helicopter and TRU Simulation, both part of the Textron Group, have opened their first international training academy in Valencia, Spain.

The new facility is based at the Cessna Citation Service Centre at Valencia Airport and houses the first Odyssey H full flight simulator (FFS) currently fitted with a Bell 429 Level D EASA certified flight deck. It is also certified to FAA/JAA requirements.

BlueSky's Terry Spruce was invited to visit the facility and had an opportunity to fly the simulator before the opening ceremony.

The Odyssey H FFS utilises TRU Simulation + Trainingís state-of-the-art, ultra-high definition visual system with a 240 degree horizontal by 80 degree vertical field of view, and 41 megapixel total system resolution visual display. The Odyssey H also utilises primary and secondary motion systems, and features a roll-on/roll-off capability, which allows the simulator to be reconfigurable for other helicopters.

The simulator flight compartment is an exact replica of the Bell 429 cockpit, from forward of the pilotís anti-torque pedals to aft of the pilot seats. All controls, panels, instruments, avionics, equipment and furnishings are identical in appearance, feel, location and operation to those of the actual aircraft. It will respond exactly like the aircraft in all flight conditions (day, night, VFR, IFR and NVG) as well as accurately simulate malfunctions and emergency procedures.

The simulator was built at TRU Simulation + Training in Tampa, Florida and the centre expects to be ready to accept a second simulator by the end of 2017.

BlueSky Business Aviation News | 23rd February 2017 | Issue #405