Business Aircraft Productivity Calculator

Hawkeye Aircraft Acquisitions LLC, a boutique private aviation consulting firm, has launched a free web-based Business Aircraft Productivity Calculator to help individuals and companies determine the time savings and value added a business aircraft can provide over commercial airlines.

This tool was designed to provide a high level overview of the hours, productivity, and the value of time saved.

“The inspiration for designing this tool and making it readily available is two fold," Mike McCracken, President said. “One, we wanted a simple method that would allow first time buyers of private aviation travel solutions, an easy way to see the value added, whether that is charter, time share or full ownership. Second, we felt that it is important for existing flight departments to track these metrics for justifying their current aircraft or increased use of their aircraft."

Taking less than 5 minutes to complete, users are able to select travel destinations from a drop down list and pick from three different aircraft types; super-mid, large, and 'My Aircraft', resulting in block speeds and hourly operating costs being automatically populated based on the selected criteria. When choosing 'My Aircraft' users are able to provide their own block speed and operating costs to allow for a more accurate analysis of the costs of your own aircraft, charter, or a fractional share.

Additional features include the ability to input ground travel time for the nearest airport serviced by commercial airlines as well as links to look up current commercial airfare for the inputted trip. If commercial airlines limit the ability or do not provide the capability of completing the trip within a single day, the 'Overnight' button can be selected which layers in the additional costs and time loss that would be avoided when utilizing a business aircraft.

For the value of the time saved, users are able to input salary ranges for C- Level executives and upper management employees. The tool then calculates common productivity factors from NBAA and No Plan No Gain reports to determine a value for the time saved when using a business aircraft.

Try out the Productivity Calculator

BlueSky Business Aviation News | 23rd February 2017 | Issue #405