ELITE Motion Helicopter Trainer earns FAA Certification

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Two new single-seat piston helicopter trainer models TH22S and TH22SM from Florida-headquartered ELITE Simulation Solutions have recently been FAA approved as Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATD).

ELITE’s new trainer is the first motion-based helicopter AATD specifically designed to include hover and hovering maneuvers training, full touch-down autorotation training, training for slope landings and running landings.

The TH22 is based on the Robinson R22/R44 helicopter, and is available in various configurations including the original dual pilot model with or without motion and the single seat with or without motion.

The FAA certification allows these trainers to be used for 7.5 hours towards the private pilot license, 20 hours towards the instrument rating, 25 hours towards the commercial, 25 towards ATP as well as instrument proficiency checks (IPC) and instrument currency. Using an ATD is beneficial for students to acquire training at a lower cost than the traditional hourly rental rate of a helicopter and also allows training providers to achieve higher levels of skill development and increase their revenue sources.

More information at: www.flyelite.com/th-22

BlueSky Business Aviation News | 30th March 2017 | Issue #410