ACJ Nimbus artwork makes Artexpo New York debut
ACJ Nimbus, the latest cloud-creativity of internationally renowned artist Berndnaut Smilde and professional photographer RJ Muna, is making its debut at Artexpo New York, where they are exhibiting for the first time.

“Creating ‘clouds in rooms’ is part of my passion for exploring the creativity of spaces, so it was intriguing when Airbus Corporate Jets proposed using it as a twist on the ‘putting rooms in clouds,’ which it does,” says Smilde.

“The challenge was to capture an ephemeral and living artwork, lasting only a few seconds, in a way that echoed elegance, space and relaxation,” adds Muna, who is attending the show.

Smilde creates the clouds by spraying a fine mist of water in the air, and then blowing smoke onto it. “Every cloud is different,” explains Smilde, “but with practice you can get roughly the shape you want, where you want it.”

“Adopting a low camera viewpoint helped to put the clouds up in the air, where you normally see them, and to convey a sense of grandeur and freedom, while elements such as the bath, projector and gramaphone communicated relaxation,” adds Muna.

The ACJ Nimbus artwork comprises three scenes - 'Serenity', 'Freedom' and 'Harmony' - which act as a visual metaphor for owning and travelling in an Airbus corporate jet. The scenes tell the story, so they are simply accompanied by the tagline “Your world above the clouds.”

'Freedom' has a couple dancing in a large and elegant room, surrounded by gramophones.


'Serenity' portrays a lady in a bath surrounded by candles.


'Harmony' shows a family watching a film on a projector, encircled film-cans.

The scenes echo the liberty of movement, relaxation and peacefulness that are the hallmark of travel in an Airbus corporate jet. They are being displayed in the VIP Lounge at Artexpo New York, and later at other high-end VIP events.

Creative agency Publicis led the project for Airbus Corporate Jets, which is the exclusive presenting partner of Artexpo New York. The scenes were shot in London.

BlueSky Business Aviation News | 20th April 2017 | Issue #413