Flightworx maintains premium service with ISO 9001 assessment success

Flightworx, a UK leader in flight support solutions, is celebrating successfully passing its first annual continuing assessment of the ISO 9001 standard since it was awarded in 2016, demonstrating the company’s commitment to continuously improving its service.

ISO 9001 is a voluntary global code of best practices for companies, assessed through a quality management system, which crucially recognises that organisations need to have systems and processes in place to deliver industry-leading services and products to customers. Assessments are made annually by the British Standards Institution (BSI) to ensure on-going compliance, whilst total re-certification is required every three years.

Andy Shaw, managing director, Flightworx, says: “We are extremely proud to have passed our annual assessment. This is our tenth year of operation after we established ourselves in the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis, and the company continues to go from strength to strength. Passing the annual ISO 9001 assessment is a testament to our outstanding staff who continue to go above and beyond for our customers, finding solutions to all types of requests.”

“We offer up-to-the-minute, bespoke solutions, ensuring our customers are informed about the very latest scenarios. The situation in Qatar, whereby Bahrain requires special authorization from all traffic in and out of Qatar, was immediately documented by our ops team – who work 24/7 to update and monitor operations.

“In the time that Flightworx has been running, we have supported the equivalent in flight miles of 304 round trips to the moon, obtained 58,313 overflight and landing permits and issued 31,194 fuel releases. Since forming Travelworx, our in-house travel service, in July 2015, we have booked 10,920 hotel rooms, recorded 38,325 miles travelled by air crews in taxis we’ve arranged for them and facilitated in excess of 3.5 million air miles for our clients through commercial flight bookings. I am incredibly proud of our team and the excellent work they deliver for our customers.”

BlueSky Business Aviation News | 22nd June 2017 | Issue #421