RUAG and Happy Design Studio unveil 'Carboneum' livery design

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The aircraft painting facility at RUAG Aviation, Munich, has repainted a Bombardier Global Express XRS on behalf of long-time customer SBK Holding Ltd.

The design - entitled 'Carboneum' - was especially created for the aircraft by Didier Wolff, owner of Strasbourg-based Happy Design Studio.

Enhanced by honeycomb patterns, the engines show elegance and technology with the overall Ferrari grey colour adding a touch of supremacy to the design.

Reproducing the subtle and elegant design required the digital creation of extraordinarily detailed templates for the honeycomb effect on the engine surfaces, the precise blending of 150 litres of the specially-mixed, dark grey mica-metallic paint, and the hand-painting of the woven pattern on the vertical stabilizer.

Carboneum took a total of 2500 work hours to complete. There were 15 technical procedures which were managed continuously to keep the delicate steps on track and the two companies surpassed each of the numerous technical difficulties to deliver probably the most powerful design seen on a jet aircraft.

“RUAG Aviation’s craftsmanship and painstaking attention to every last detail allowed them to accurately reproduce my design, especially the intricate honeycomb effect on the engines and the carbon fibre weave pattern on the tail,” said Didier Wolff. “Hand-painting this particular detail, while time intensive, ideally captures the innovative beauty of the design, as well as ensures improved durability, over and above the pre-printed adhesive foils generally used within the industry.”

Carboneum joins the fleet of Happy Design Studio’s flying works of art, side by side with other jets, fighters, airliners and will surely be remembered as an iconic vision of power and style throughout the world.

All photographs: Sébastien BRILLAIS

BlueSky Business Aviation News | 13th July 2017 | Issue #424