AviaCourses introduces online learning concept for business aviation

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AviaCourses, the online learning platform for business aviation, has launched a series of professional webinars with a focus on specialised industry areas.

The company aims at bringing highly qualified and renowned speakers from the aviation industry, to provide the best online education on a range of operational, technical, regulatory, legal and tax topics.

Among the webinar hosts are the leading business aviation professionals and speakers from Europe and United States, such as Sonnie Bates, Giulia Mauri, Frederique Jos, Joel Hencks, Philippe Renz, and other top-level subject matter experts.

"There is a need for high-level online education in business aviation," says Joel Hencks, Managing Director of Switzerland's AeroEx GmbH, Aviation Regulation Lecturer at the Center of Aviation Competence at the University of St.Gallen, and a member of several rule-making groups in EASA and ICAO. "AviaCourses has launched a unique platform to provide training and education to the business aviation industry."

Support also comes from a Swiss aviation lawyer Phillipe Renz, who has worked in the Federal Office of Civil Aviation of Switzerland: "Online learning is an innovative, cost-effective and interactive solution for people who aim to get more educated. You can study from home or from the office, save lots of time and money," he says.

The AviaCourses model is based around the Online Webinars, where participants follow the speaker's live presentation, participate in the Q&A Session and have the opportunity to raise questions to the experts.

One of the most recognized business aviation experts and former director of IS-BAO Programme, Sonnie Bates, is also supporting the online learning concept that the company brings to the market: "When I learned about AviaCourses, I immediately decided to get onboard," comments Bates. "Education is key, and AviaCourses online webinar concept is an efficient way to deliver the knowledge to a large international audience."

"The idea behind AviaCourses is very simple - to make a business aviation education accessible for a global audiences, and to provide a way to strengthen professional knowledge on the interdisciplinary business aviation topics," explains Victor Rudnov, CEO of AviaCourses. "It is great to see so much positive comments and support from the world's leading aviation experts. This validates our strategy to provide an exclusive and high-value education to our industry."

BlueSky Business Aviation News | 31st August 2017 | Issue #429