FDS Avionics introduces 2D and 3D moving maps for bizav passengers

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FDS Avionics Corp., a leader in In flight Entertainment and Cabin Management Systems, rolls out two new moving maps for business and private aviation.

Both maps, 'do 3D Moving Map' and 'do 2D Moving Map', are standalone hardware solutions that use technology developed for the 'do CAPSULE'.

do 3D Moving Map provides an intensely detailed three-dimensional moving map experience for private and business aircraft. The do 3D map can be configured to show different views and levels of detail, up to 15 square meters, per pixel, on a bulkhead display. With the wireless upgrade, passengers can explore surrounding areas interactively on mobile devices, changing the view angle with a finger swipe.


do 2D Moving Map delivers high resolution satellite imagery up to 20 square meters, per pixel. Passengers can view the map on a bulkhead display or, with the wireless upgrade, interactively explore surroundings using their mobile device.

With the wireless upgrade option, both moving maps can be controlled wirelessly using the do CAPSULE. The maps also provide flight data such as speed, altitude and ETA via an aircraft’s onboard avionics system.

"We listened when our customers and partners asked for a better map," says Dave Dodson, Marketing Director, "and we've delivered two exceptional choices - 2D and 3D."

Both the do 3D Moving Map and the do 2D Moving Map have:

  • Pan and zoom to explore the map

  • Heads up flight data

  • Relative city locator

  • Customizable POI library (user way points)

BlueSky Business Aviation News | 7th September 2017 | Issue #430