August activity setting new records, Charters up 11%

With 78,785 departures - up 5.5% YOY - August was the peak month so far in 2017 according to WINGX`s latest monthly Business Aviation Monitor.

The figure took the YTD trend to 3.3%, representing an additional 18,047 flights compared to 2016. Overall, August-2017 was the busiest ever August for flight activity, exceeding August 2008 by 1.3%.

The four countries adding most growth this month were France, UK, Italy and Spain. 7% YOY growth in departures from France was reflected in a 9.5% jump in domestic flights. France is now trending at +1% YTD, up on average 147 flights per month.

In the UK, Italy, Spain and Switzerland, activity growth came in double-digit increases in AOC activity. Private flight activity fell in UK and Switzerland whilst Germany was Europe’s 2nd busiest market this month, with strongest growth coming in Private flights.

There was significant growth in South-East Europe, with flights from Turkey up by 14%, and from Greece, growth of 19%. YTD-2017, business aviation activity in Greece is up by 15%. AOC activity was up by 25% YOY in Greece this month.

Whilst flights in Southern Europe grew more than 10% this month, activity in Eastern Europe was up by 6%, and flights into Europe from Russia increased by 5% YOY. So far this year, inbound flights from the CIS region are up by 0.1% compared to last year.

Activity trend by City

London's 13 airports had 9% growth. Activity at Athens airport was up by 18% YOY.


Small Jet activity, which is trending above 5% on a Last 12 Month basis, was well up this month, +4% in Super Light segment, +9% in Light Jet, and +15% in Very Light Jet. All but MSJ and ELJ segments had some growth this month.

Large-cabin and long-range aircraft activity was well up in August, with the ULR segment gaining 14%, and the more numerous Heavy Jet activity up by 8%. Heavy Jet AOC activity was up by 18% YOY. Super Midsize flights are up by 9% YTD-2017.

Private flight activity saw 3% growth this month, the highest so far this year. The most frequently operated aircraft for Owner flights was the PC-12, activity up by 15% YOY. The Citation Mustang flew 35% more Private flights YOY.


Nice was the busiest single airport this month, with over 9% YOY growth, 16% in AOC traffic. London was the busiest city for business aviation aircraft activity, with 15% of the flights from 13 different airports in Medium Jet category, this activity up by 18% YOY.

Richard Koe, Managing Director of WINGX Advance, comments: “Business aviation activity in Europe is finally overhauling its pre-crisis peak, with flight volumes this month exceeding August 2008 by 1.5%. The growth is clearly focused around flights in and out of Southern Europe, this activity up by more than 10% YOY. Heavy Jets such as the Legacy 600 and Light Jets such as Phenom 300 and Mustang are doing the hard work, with most of the growth coming in demand from Charter customers.”

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