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James Holland, Sales Manager, PermitsGlobal

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PermitsGlobal's application automates the complex process of obtaining overflight and landing permits globally - giving pilots and flight operators 24/7 control over their flight permit applications from a smartphone, tablet or via the web.

For most countries, an aircraft - be it Private, Charter or Commercial - requires both an over-flight permit to enter sovereign airspace and a landing permit for the international airport. Overflight and landing permits are generally not required for Private non-revenue and Charter flights operating to and from European airports, although Slots and PPR’s are still a requirement for some. To operate to USA, you may be required to get TSA waiver, APIS and TSP approval.

A country’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) issues over-flight and landing permits that have been requested providing all the general and special requirements have been met. The CAA may issue the relevant permit(s) directly to the flight operator, a local agent or to a flight-support company acting on behalf of an operator. A flight operator may apply for a block permit for scheduled flights or an individual permit for non-scheduled or ad-hoc flights, either directly to the CAA or via an agent acting on its behalf.

The general requirements pertaining to the issuance of any permit is providing the operator name, aircraft registration, aircraft type, schedule details and purpose of flight.

James Holland

In addition to the General Requirements, certain countries have a list of Special Requirements that need to be satisfied before the issuance of the permit(s); namely, providing entry/exit routes, ATC flight plan, aircraft documents, crew documents, sponsor, CNOR and CNEE letter, specification of load/cargo type, passenger details, nationalities etc.

Special Requirements vary from country to country and can vary depending on the purpose of the flight. They can change daily and it is paramount that the flight operators, agents and third-party flight support companies stay on top of all requirements, restrictions, rules and regulations. When adhering to General and Special Requirements to get the relevant permits, it is important to stress the permit lead time(s) which is paramount to obtaining the permit(s) on time.

Historically, trip planning for flight operators has not been easy. Obtaining overflight and landing permits is a challenge facing the best flight operator, and being able to source a long-lasting solution to simplify the process has been the mission of many an operator.

The relentless changes and different procedures imposed by many countries together with the saturation of the flight support market, the problem of keeping track of the trip history, status, revision and all related payments and accounting matters makes finding a simple long-term solution for obtaining flight permits almost impossible to find - until PermitsGlobal - the online, streamline solution Operators have been waiting for.

PermitsGlobal's mission is to provide a long-lasting solution for obtaining overflight and landing permits by engineering a smart online, automated tool which provides a streamlined solution in not only applying, receiving and managing flight permits but keeping operators, agents and third parties up to date on General/Special requirements, flight planning, rules and regulations, making the whole experience an enjoyable one.

By having these key facts at the forefront of our mission, we engineered the PermitsGlobal application to deliver superior experience within the flight support industry and to enhance the communication, the productivity and the savings to the world flight operators.

Once you subscribe to PermitsGlobal you can add a new trip straight away, revise and cancel a trip, all accessible 24/7. The process is simple.

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BlueSky Business Aviation News | 28th September 2017 | Issue #433