Spire Aviation Solutions launches IS-BAH auditing services

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Spire Aviation Services has officially launched its IS-BAH auditing services and is already working with several FBO’s across Europe and Asia.

Headquartered in Ireland Spire is managed by Caroline O’Connor whose background includes managing FBOs across Ireland, France and Germany.

“Our aim will be to either assist in getting FBOs or Airports ready for an IS-BAH audit or perform the actual audits themselves,” said Caroline, adding, “In my previous roles we were regularly audited by both aircraft operators and aviation organisations which now means I can apply that learning to how we approach an audit ourselves.

"Furthermore, having personally managed FBO and BAHA facilities in multi-cultural complex airport environments means that we share mutual understanding when we work with our clients.”

Launched in late 2014, IS-BAH (The International Standard for Business Aviation Handling) has now been adopted by multiple FBOs, Airports and Handling Agents world-wide. “What IS-BAH delivers is a set of global industry best practices using a wealth of knowledge drawn from a variety of aviation experts and organisations who work within the FBO industry and IBAC have done a fantastic job both in the implementation of IS-BAH as well as constantly evaluating enhancements to the standards," said Caroline. "I am enthused and delighted that Spire can be part of such a valuable safety initiative for the business aviation industry.”

As part of its service, Spire offers a free no obligation one hour call with organisations that are interested in understanding what is involved with getting IS-BAH audited.

BlueSky Business Aviation News | 16th November 2017 | Issue #439