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Comlux performs its first digital maintenance on Hyundai Motor Company BBJ

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Comlux Completion, Comlux's Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier approved completion and service center in Indianapolis, has successfully performed its first Digital Maintenance inspection on the Hyundai Motor Company's BBJ.

The Digital Maintenance process allows that all task cards and part tracking efforts are performed electronically using wireless tablets and bar code scanners, instead of using paper task cards and boards. Documentation can now be directly entered into the system via hand- eld devices rather than at an off-aircraft computer workstation thus allowing technicians to stay on task at the aircraft.

The Supervisors can assign tasks electronically and have a real-time live view of work progression. On the Project Management side, the Purchase Orders for parts and services can also be viewed real time against the specific maintenance tasks that required them for instantaneous reporting. This enhances the client experience during the event, as real time digital reporting enables seamless oversight throughout the maintenance event.

Comlux performs its first digital maintenance on Hyundai Motor Company BBJ

Mr Choi, General Manager Flight Team Hyundai Motor company said “Our BBJ was originally completed at Comlux Completion and since then, Comlux has provided Hyundai Motor Company with a very efficient and reliable maintenance support. Digital maintenance is a great tool which further improves their capabilities and allow my own team to track real time the work which has been performed on our aircraft.”

Scott Meyer, CEO of Comlux Completion says: “We have launched the Comlux 3.0 innovation and technology program during the last quarter 2017 and I am proud that our teams have already performed their first Digital Maintenance work package for the BBJ of Hyundai Motor Company, who is a recurring customer of Comlux since 2012.”

He added, “Digital Maintenance is not only paperless, but a fully integrated work order management tool. It increases reliability, eliminates potential human errors and decrease redundancies. All Departments can follow instantly and seamlessly the progress of the documentation, thus bringing greater efficiency and resulting in an improved data package for our customer, not possible using traditional paper methods.”

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