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Your chance to own a piece of aviation history as entire contents of Terminal One Heathrow Airport go up for sale

April 21 auction of iconic memorabilia launches series of sales for everything from airport signs to baggage reclaim systems

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A beacon of British innovation, it was once the busiest airport terminal in Europe, handling 9 million passengers a year.

Now, after half a century of service, the entire contents of Terminal One Heathrow will be sold off as part of the airport’s upgrade programme, creating the opportunity for bidders to own a piece of aviation history.

The unprecedented disposal of assets will take place over a series of auctions and private treaty sales, starting on April 21 with the chance to secure more than 200 lots of memorabilia, from iconic signage to artworks to furniture.

Whether it is your own personal airline check-in desk, a large Nothing to Declare customs display or one of a large array of signs, from the main external Terminal One sign itself to illuminated signs for checking in, departure or arrival gates, this sale is for you. You will even have the chance to acquire the landmark series of enamel murals by the Polish artist Stefan Knapp (1921-96), specially commissioned for the terminal in the 1950s.

The unique offer is expected to attract aviation enthusiasts, property developers, interior decorators, memorabilia collectors, corporate bidders and entertainment venues, such as bars, nightclubs and restaurants looking to enhance their interior décor with an iconic piece of retro memorabilia.

Your chance to own a piece of aviation history as entire contents of Terminal One Heathrow Airport go up for sale

Terminal One was opened in 1968 and formally dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II in April 1969. It was then the biggest short-haul terminal in Western Europe.

A new pier (the so-called Europier) was added in the 1990s, which increased the capacity of the terminal, catering for widebody aircraft. In 2005, a substantial redesign and redevelopment of Terminal 1 was completed, which saw the opening of the new Eastern Extension, doubling the departure lounge in size and creating additional seating and retail space.

Terminal One finally closed on June 29, 2015 as part of Heathrow’s upgrade, 50 years on from its first opening, has created the opportunity to hold the jumbo of all auctions. CA Global Partners, specialists in the disposal of assets for wholesale and industrial clients, are masterminding the sale.

“As well as the stunning art by Stefan Knapp, some of the signage in Terminal One is iconic and bound to attract interest from collectors,” remarked Daniel Gray, Managing Partner of CA Global Partners Europe. “Some of the contents has significant historic value and there may even be elements of the furnishing that would appeal to nightclubs or other entertainment venues. We anticipate a broad range if interest.”

As part of this unique offering ‘Turn key’ solutions are available for the extraction, refurbishment and re-installation globally of the airport systems.

“A sale such as this, comprising the entire contents and infrastructure of an entire major airport terminal is unprecedented, to say the least,” added Gray. “Not only does this represent a rare opportunity for a young airport to fully equip a new terminal, but many of the items in this sale could be refurbished or repurposed for a variety of uses in other industries – Let alone some of the historical value to many of the items.”

The April 21 auction will be followed by a series of timed online auctions including memorabilia, seating, trade stock and the balance of the terminal contents.

Essential Information: The auction will be held in the Aviation Suite overlooking the Heathrow Runway at the Thistle London Heathrow Terminal 5 Hotel, Bath Road, London UB7 0EQ from 11am on April 21. Viewing: A selection of lots will be available for inspection from 1pm on Friday, April 20 and on the morning of the sale at the sale venue.

For further details visit | Contact: | Tel: 07968 952850.

Highlights from the April 21 auction of more than 200 lots include:

  • The external iconic Terminal 1 sign
  • Iconic illuminated embarkation gate signs
  • A large printed quadruple glass panel panorama of Tower Bridge with a total width of nearly five metres. Plus a large number of other glass panels depicting famous London and Irish landmarks.
  • An airline information desk and check-in desk
  • Terminal 1 Arrivals and Baggage reclaim signs
  • A Heathrow Airport clock
  • A Nothing to declare glass screen from Heathrow Customs
  • A large framed photo of Terminal 1, measuring 875 x 675mm
  • An entrance gate for Heathrow EU Customs Arrivals
  • Glass sculptures from the Irish reclaim area
  • Airline signs for Aer Lingus, TAM, Icelandair, US Airways, Air New Zealand, El Al and others
  • A Sega arcade games machine
  • Ten murals by the Polish artist Stefan Knapp, the largest 15 x 3m.

Among the items on offer in the on-going sales series will be:

  • 110 check-in desks with scales and baggage belts
  • Complete baggage drop systems
  • 12 baggage security scanners
  • Passport control desks
  • Queue management systems
  • Airlock security doors
  • Iris entry scanners
  • Body security scanners
  • Fast track security gates and desks
  • Security information signs with built-in display screens
  • Baggage delivery systems
  • 11 baggage reclaim carousels
  • 3 Luggage Reclaim belts with up to 70m of belt length
  • 50+ elevator systems
  • 15 escalators
  • 9 Travelators
  • Two-storey lift passenger elevator
  • 15km of hand and foot stainless steel modular balustrade systems
  • Kms of removable passenger partition
  • Business lounges
  • Architectural displays and murals
  • Signage, seating and advertising boards
  • Advertising systems
  • 100+ display systems
  • Portable flight information display
  • Airport information boards
  • Gates, piers and complete air bridges
  • Compressors, dryers, chillers and heat exchangers (totalling in the thousands)
  • 1,200+ airport seating units
  • 2,000+ security cameras
  • 10 exclusive paintings on enamel by the artist Stefan Knapp dating to the 1950s

More than 100 security equipment items will be sold by private treaty.

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